– Solar Information

Solar Information

Solar Information – Home Ownership, before we talk about solar lets think about your objective with solar and how you will serve yourself as well as the community. Solar is a perfect fit for controlling your home expenses and turning an expense to income potential. When I talk about income potential go to our solar calculator page and look for return on investment calculator. Yes, the cost of solar has come down and it will continue to improve in technological advancement with the panels, inverters and more important the batteries. When you couple the solar power usage for your home with an electric vehicle you will serve your own ability to turn an expense that enslaves you to work 50 hours a week to becoming part of the solution to cleaner air.  Ounce you understand solar information you will see why solar in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and many other cities is important. History has shown that cities become smog pits creating poor health that contribute to cancer and more important quality of life.  Short note – do you get sleepy around 1 pm to 6 pm when traffic is at it highest? Cancer starts from a lack of oxygen. Think about it!

Solar Information

Facts About Solar – Solar is making great advancements everyday. Putting solar on your home is just the beginning. Soon you will replace your gas home heater, water heater, stove, and dryer to electricity. Does this give you a clue about the home you should purchase if you are buying a home or another home? Solar power is the most abundant energy source on Earth.  Let’s look at existing facts about solar.

 Solar Panels and all component costs have fallen over 80% in the past 20 years. Today the cost of investment on a solar system is less than 8 years. The payment for a solar system maybe less than your utility payment.

 Utility companies are installing solar panel systems to create electricity production and more important fact is that they want to control the energy that comes to your home. Meaning that if the utility companies are investing then you need to install your system to control your utility costs.  Getting started starts with permits and once this is done your are on your way to becoming a utility provider for your home, business and automobiles.

 Solar is the fastest energy source to deploy. When disaster strikes, no electricity source can be built or repaired as quickly as solar. You will be in control of your utilities. Energy in your control means that you can secure yourself and family when others will not be able.

  China is the world leader in solar energy development. Solar energy is starting to get a lot of attention in the U.S., but we’re small compared to China. In 2017, GTM Research estimates that the U.S. will install 12.4 GW of new solar power systems. China installed 24.4 GW in the first half alone, and will likely pass 50 GW for the full year.

 Solar is giving people options to control utility costs. This means that when a person(s) wants to purchase a home the choice of a home with solar and without solar will be a deciding factor of value and functionality.  I see homes today being built and they did not make accommodations for solar. Bad idea for the buyer to consider purchasing when the cost of utilities will continue to rise.

Like Everything In Life You Have To Take Step One To Understand A Solar System.

Four Easy Steps to Design Your Own System

The First Step – evaluate your current energy use. In order for us to design a system that works for you, you need to know how much energy you’re currently using. More importantly is that most people conserve on appliance usage to save on utility costs. If you want get back to a functional home solar is a good match for your objective. If you want to purchase an electric car solar should be at the top of your list when designing your solar system or before you purchase a home. Take the time to think about how you want to enjoy your home.

The Second Step – take a look at your utility bill and the Kilowatt hours you use every month and breaking it down into a daily expense in KWHours. Then be truthful with yourself. Do you conserve on utility expenses. This will give you a better idea matching the different systems available and what type of system will fit your needs.  Again think about the future and your next automobile purchase.

The Third Step – once you know what size your system needs to be your are ready to look at complete solar systems. If you plan on living Off-Grid, you need to know more about your roof size and or backyard. Again the issue of batteries will become important and necessary. If you’re staying connected to the grid, you’ll still need to be ready to engage battery technology. The truth is that setting up your own power grid can be fun.

The Fourth Step – after you’ve completed these steps, you’re ready for a conversation with one of our consultants. Give us a call at 1-702-421-2776. Or fill out our Request A Quote form.

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