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Welcome to the BlueSKY Solar Calculator, the calculator is designed to give you a starting edge on understanding the value of solar installation cost and return on investment. More important is to understand that you are currently limiting your electricity usage to save money. Therefore to evaluate your true electrical requirements register into the system so that we can calculate your true Kilowatt usage per month. With a solar system you are designing a system to eliminate your utility bill. For more information on how your utility company business model is destroying your life read our utility page on power companies.


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You will need your utility bill to fill in Highest KWH’s Per Day. For general purposes there are 5 hours a day for sun but Las Vegas is 6 hours. Google search for days of sun. Panel size today is 340 W. If you conserve using your appliances check the box for each appliance you would like to use more.

How long before my system pays for itself?


BlueSKY Solar Calculator is only for the purposes of understanding your goals with solar power costs and estimated return on investment. Call a solar professional (BlueSKY Solar) to confirm your numbers.



Amortize your return on investment over the remaining life of the solar system

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