Solar Panel Installation
Solar Panel Installation
Solar Panels Today Are Designed To Generate Power From The Sun At An Angle. So Your Period Of Generating Power Is Increased And Optimized.


BlueSKY team of professionals are finding ways to lower the cost of solar systems and installation. Such as recent advancements in solar panels we install improve utility production. In a traditional grid tied system with a string inverter if  one solar panel is shaded it affects the output of the entire string. In a new Solar Edge systems, power optimizer’s are paired up to each solar panel allowing panels to operate independently at optimal performance. The power optimizer’s also provide module-level monitoring data which can be used to track performance and troubleshoot problems.

Fewer Constraints and More Flexibility in the Design Process:

  • Fixed string voltage ensures the inverter always operates at its peak efficiency voltage and prevents under-voltage power losses even on hot days.
  • Panels don’t all have to be facing the same way.
  • Different string lengths can be accommodated.
  • Solar power ratings and technologies can vary.

 Web-Based Monitoring Options Available

The solar system monitoring portal is a web-based application that provides performance monitoring of your solar panels, fault detection and alerts for accurate troubleshooting localized on a virtual site map. Monitoring is simple with the use of ethernet cable or alternatively the optional GSM kit or wireless gateway.

 Upgrade Your System For a Future Electric Vehicle or Energy Storage

When installing a solar panel system consider installation to power your electric vehicles. Contact our sales staff to go over details on how to manage solar systems and the transfer of energy to an electric car or vehicle.


Before we start down this journey lets talk about BlueSKY mission for all. BlueSKY mission is to balance our opportunity of home ownership. The mission requires cost effective energy consumption and full disclosure in home purchasing. The dream to own a home and a car is about the journey of life and not a journey of slavery.

As a city grows so does the smog. Solar is a transition to controlling your cost of living and cleaner air. The obvious is a journey shared by BlueSKY to show the way to others.

BlueSKY researches system bring you up to date information to make an informed decision about solar. Soon you will be able to disconnect from your utility service and auto fuel dependency.  

Ok, First you have to see the future and understand what is going to happen in the parking lot for employees. Soon and very soon you will see EV charging stations. You will see solar on top of covered parking that charges EV’s.

The point is that the sun is up while you are at work. Charge your car while you are at work. Go home with a fully charge car and plug your car into the home. The car will send energy to your home during the time when the sun is not shinning.

The next issue is understanding your utility bill.  How the power company wants to monopolize the business. Understanding your options will save you thousands of dollars when you begin to see how your electric vehicle is your battery backup storage for evening utility services.

Start with our solar calculator.

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