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All EV’s Require Wiring To Make The Charging Simple. Call Today For An Inspection To Install Your Electrical Service.


EV Station installs

Electric Vehicle charging connections need to be simple, functional and ergonomic to plug in. No one wants a plug that is lying around on the floor or sits on top of the dryer. When you purchase your electric vehicle make arrangements for the installing of your charging station. If you are on a budget or you are purchasing a second hand car review our station installs and pricing. When setting up your financing, finance the cost of the charging station install.

 Electric Vehicle installations can be as simple as an extra plug outlet to a complete wall access to place the station in the right location. EV Station Applications are ether 110 volts or 220 volts. Check with a  BlueSKY Specialist for best results and pricing.

 220 Volts may have other considerations when connecting to your electrical dryer outlet. Check with BlueSKY specialist to inspect if your electrical panel breaker switch is rated for servicing the dryer as well as charging an electrical car at the same time.  To be safe and not to overload your circuit breaker call BlueSKY for options to separate services.

ImageProduct NamePart NoDescriptionPriceQuantityAction
Magnum Energy ME-MGT-ENDCAP-F Female Cap 11460

The AC end cap locks onto the female AC connector and terminates a string of MicroGT inverters. One cap required per branch circuit.

$ 3.20 $ 3.00
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