Before you purchase a home get educated about the home you are buying.

 Purchasing A Home Is Risky Business Designed To Enslave You And Your Family.

Let’s get one thing straight about the message the lending, banking and government want you to believe when buying a home or borrowing money and that is FULL DISCLOSURE. This statement is BULLSHIT in today’s home buying market. When borrowing money for a home or car there is nothing more dishonest than the industry serving home ownership. The real estate agent, REALTOR, loan officer, bank or government agency do not qualify you effectively or give Full Disclosure. You are on your own! Home ownership is enslavement of the ignorant population.

When using our home qualifying calculator you will understand how home values are over valued and the government wants to bait you into borrowing money. Then like in 2008 they imploded the economy stealing back the home that people had been making payments on for years. What you will discover is how much a home enslaves you of your personal time. The true cost of managing a home monthly requires a down payment, interest, property taxes, association fees and the more important subject operating costs that need to be classified as debts when you purchase. The expenses of utilities need to be added into the qualifying ratios. Why? Because it balances the inequities of home values, people are qualified to purchase more than they can afford. When adding utility costs the value of the home is in balance with income levels. The buying process controls the cost of rising utility expenses that today are more than the house payment.

Your mortgage bank is designed and prepared for your foreclosure. Until the 1003 is upgraded to include utilities your purchase is out of balance with income levels in your region.

Now it is time to understand and control your home purchase and auto purchase to benefit your lifestyle. This bullshit you are being fed about using less and paying more for utilities is over. If you purchase correctly and voice your opinion when purchasing the home you will take back your personal time for more important issues. People conserve their electricity because the cost is so high. Solar will allow you to use the dryer, heater, and air conditioning when you want. The utility companies want you to pay more for less, it is that simple. The news utility companies put out is fake news. Water is another subject for another day.

Gross Monthly Income Borrower Co Borrower Total
Base Empl. Income
Gross Monthly Income
Monthly Housing and Auto Expenses:
Total Monthly Utility Expenses
Total Combined Expenses
Ratio: %
Real Household Expenses Proposed Utility Expenses Proposed
First Mortage Electricity / Pool Double
Other Financing Water / Pool Double
Hazard Insurance Gas
Real Estate Taxes Sewer
Mortage Insurance Garbage
Homeowner Assn Water Purification
Car Payment Cable
Cell Phone
Total Total
Total Combined Monthly Obligations

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