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Worlds Largest Solar Roof Top
Worlds Largest Solar Roof Top
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BlueSKY Solar objective is to cut energy costs for businesses or turning off the utility expense.

Lower Operating Costs

By switching to solar you can immediately lower or eliminate your electricity costs, improving your margins and bottom line.

Government Rebates/Credits

Commercial Solar is eligible for a variety of federal, state and local incentives. When added up, these incentives can potentially cover 45-80% of your overall system cost.

Accelerated Depreciation

Businesses can deduct 85% of the value of the solar asset from their taxes, providing another significant offset to the upfront cost of a system array.

Our engineers design commercial systems that meet and exceed the demands of commercial applications.


Commercial applications for solar is a solution on many levels that starts with contacting a BlueSKY representative.

Utilities are an expense that can be controlled.

Small businesses

  • Small business
  • Commercial real estate (CRE) and investment properties
  • Large-scale commercial projects
  • Solar Farms and Microgrids
  • Universities and Schools
  • Custom projects large and small


Popular Pre-Designed Packages

Commercial Solar Power Systems (Racking sold separately)

Due to the diversity of commercial installations we do not include racking in our packaged commerical systems. Please call us at 702-421-2776 and our experienced sales team will be happy to design and quote a racking solution for your unique needs.

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